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Alternative Haggadah for Passover for Women

I sat down to my first Passover dinner several years ago when I started dating my husband and was mesmerized by the reading of the Haggadah, in particular the one my aunt-in-law had put together.  In celebration of Global Markets and Ideas’ Women’s theme this month, I wanted to share what we read last night at Seder.

“Another Dayeinu”

If women has been among the writers of the Bible and had interpreted our creation and our role in history – Dayeinu

If Eve had been acknowledged as Adam’s equal and not a tempress – Dayeinu

If she ate from the tree of knowledge and had been recognized as a teacher – Dayeinu

If Lot’s wife had been honored for compassion in looking back at the fate of her family in Sodom and had not been punished for it – Dayeinu

If women had written Haggadahs and placed our mothers where they belonged in the story of our people – Dayeinu

If our mothers had been honored for their daughters as well as their sons – Dayeinu

If men had been taught to revere their role as father and teacher as much as warrior and ruler – Dayeinu

If men and women had stood side by side as comrades in the face of adversity – Dayeinu

If every generation of women and men would flee the bondage of an Egypt – Dayeinu

Thank you Aunt Paula and Uncle John.

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  1. Thanks Tatiana,
    Your dayeinu will be part of our seder this year, in the Jezreel Valley in Israel!

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