Tatiana Serafin

February is Arts Month at Global Markets

It is cold and snowy and sniffly. To reconnect with the world’s beauty, I have invited several guest writers to discuss art in its many shapes and its many businesses. Perfumer Mandy Aftel leads us with her intoxicating description of scent and an essay on the art of perfumery. I met Mandy when I was at a dinner at the American Museum of Natural History. As part of its Silk Road exhibit, the museum arranged a wonderful dinner infused with aromatics provided by Mandy. I was particulary taken with the antique sandalwood which took me back through time; the next day, I contacted Mandy who agreed to share her beautiful story.

The rest of the month will have similar tales. Tune in to be transported from the cold!

A quick note on the upcoming editorial calendar:

March – women in global affairs
April – the business of green
May – energy
June – the business of soccer
To be continued…

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