Tatiana Serafin

Feeling War

Yesterday’s New York Times Week in Review Article: “The War – A Trillion Can Be Cheap” made a very insightful point about the fact that since we do not feel the war, we are divorced from it. Meanwhile it is draining our collective coffers at a startling rate.

Meanwhile I am currently reading, “The Balkan Trilogy,” by Olivia Manning which chronicles the lives of Harriet and Guy Pringle as they live through World War II, first in Romania, then escaping to Greece (which is where I am in the book). The semi-autobiographical tale makes you feel the privation wrought by war – the lack of food (as the Greeks fight the Italians all the best food goes to the soldiers, what is left is intestines), the lack of comforts like a coat for winter (Harriet, having had to flee Romania when the Nazis occcupied the country fled without her one winter coat, and wonders as the Greek winter sets in if she will have the money to buy another.)

How lucky are we today to not feel war as the NYT points out  – to have the choice of meals and closets full of clothes. We should not forgot the toll previous wars wrought, and should be more thoughtful about staying on our current course.

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