Tatiana Serafin

Jewels of Venice

Venice is one of my five favorite cities in the world. I first went to Venice as a teenager, on a school trip with the Dominican nuns. I was entranced by the canals and beauty of meandering through the streets and waterways. When I returned years later, I once again lost myself in the twists and surprises of the floating city. As I walked, looking at shops full of masks, costumes, art, I went past an enchanting shorefront filled with a different kind of jewelry – modern, light, romantic. I lunched with friends in the nearby piazza  of Santa Margherita (happily devoid of tourists) and came back to browse. My boyfriend (now husband) struck up a conversation with Gualti who created all the fabulous jewelry. I left with my first piece, a necklace, and every time we went back for the Venice Biennale, I added to my collection. Gualti even made me my own special headpiece for my wedding. I asked Gualti to write about his passion for this month’s art theme. If ever you find yourself in Venice, meander over to see him!


  1. I, too, am mesmerized by Venice and try to visit as often as possible. My recent visits have been more interesting and special after meeting Gualti and visiting him in his lovely shop. I have started my own collection of his creations, for me, the textiles. During each of my 3 visits to Venice this year, I have enjoyed seeing his latest creations and learning more about Venice through his eyes. Each of his pieces is unique and elegant, perfectly executed by Gualti himself.

  2. Gualti is a star, like his jewels which shine with light! He has certainly succeeded in his ambition to make things that are like a cocoon – of glamour and comfort! I have to ration my visits to his gallery since everything is so tempting….

  3. Far away from Venice, in Beverly Hills, California, I went to a dinner party the other night and wore my Gualti neckpiece, coils of peacock green and blue, twisted around my neck. No one had ever seen anything like it before. All were filled with admiration. A brilliant designer!

  4. Like the others who have discovered Gualti my husband and I were wandering through the Dorsoduro and were captured by Gualti’s window display. Upon entering it was as if we’d found a magical world entirely of Gualti’s design. Gualti enchanted us with his engergy and enthusiasm for the materials he creates with. We brought home several pieces for our gallery clients in Montana…needless to say they created quite a buzz! We’ve been back and sent others on to find this “jewel”. Bellissima!

  5. I have always admired designers who are able to make a woman’s foot look sexy in a pair of shoes. And Gualti does just that! His shoes are made with the perfect shape that never goes out of style. Always beautiful, elegant and sexy with the perfect sling back!
    The best news is that you can order them in all your favorite colors!

  6. I never go to visit Venice without visiting Gualti’s studio. He and his work are so much like the place, mysterious inexplicable and beautiful. Everything he does is amazing.

  7. I always visit Gualtis studio when I am in Venice his creations are spectacular and dazzling , they are an inspitation and a revelation like the city itself and a part of it.

  8. Comment parler de Gualti pour qui l’éclat est une vertu ? Sa collection d’accessoires, élancée et précise, en est le meilleur témoignage et son atelier à Venise un élixir de raffinement. Absolument divin.

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