Tatiana Serafin

Museum Mojo

My first visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was magic. I was an impressionable 13 year old awed by its history and beauty, including those majestic outdoor steps that make you feel like a princess entering your castle. I believe museums and galleries large and small teach you about life, and are community treasures. Watching Anna run around the Temple of Dendur at the Met or at our local Pierogi art gallery, I hope she is learning to appreciate art.

Guest speaker Silvia Karman Cubina recently appointed to lead Miami’s Bass Museum believes museums should be more in tune to communities and has made this her mandate. When I am in Miami next, I will be sure to visit the Bass Museum to see her efforts there.

I have made it my goal to encourage art institutions to create programs for 2 to 4 year olds. I used to take my daughter to the Whitney Museum‘s stroller tours but they stop at 18 months; most art programs for kids pick up again at 4. Huge undeserved market – with a flexible price point I may add!

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