Tatiana Serafin


I am excited by the connections made in the fledgling days of this website. A colleague at the consultancy I used to work for, Kaiser Associates, forwarded my email to another colleague who now has his own firm, Peer Insight; he was moved by my first guest writer, author Ellen Sabin, and her books that teach children about the world around them. Community activist, Hayley Teague, whom I met when I lived in London, and who shared her insights about volunteering at a local level, has been invited to speak about her experience at a parish in the north of England. One small connection at a time is how ideas grow.

This month, I will be highlighting global leaders and their ideas for 2010. Will this be a year of recovery or another roller-coaster? I keep hearing a great deal of uncertainty in the voices of those with whom I speak, but also some notes of experimentation, adventurism that may be the start of some great new concepts.

Looking forward to the new decade!

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