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Transforming Miami: Art Basel’s architecture competition, DawnTown

Image by zeug via Flickr Global Markets spoke with Andrew Frey, creator and founder of DawnTown, Miami’s annual architecture competition. The winner will be awarded next week during Art Basel in Miami. Global Markets: DawnTown, Miami’s annual global architectural competition, is in its third year. How has the competition grown over the past two years? […]

Supporting Women’s Traditions Via Theater

Virlana Tkacz writes: Theatre makes the past present, alive at the moment that you are witnessing it. The characters as well as the texts, poems and songs breathe with new life, and so a new future opens up for them. I am interested in creating theatre that is rooted in little-known or appreciated cultures of […]

The Art of Managing Museums

Last year, I visited the American Museum of Natural History in New York and as I was listening to the explanation of the big bang, I realized the person speaking to me on my headphones was Whoopi Goldberg. The science was pure and factual, and yet, the delivery was so friendly and so magical, that even a lay-person like […]

The Art of Jewelry and Theater

I am Gualti, a young artist originally from Padua. I moved to Venice in September of 1998 to inaugurate my atelier-galleria following a long, tortuous, and sensitive evolution. I am self-taught, a “material experimenter”, an inventor of decorative forms for the body, who abandoned myself to the creativity that passionately consumes my entire existence. Since childhood, my extreme sensitivity has left me in […]

The Art of Natural Perfumery

Mandy Aftel is an authority on natural essences and custom perfumes and can be found at ( I create perfume–and people wear it–because beauty and art are a vacation from reality. Beauty brings about a morally valuable state in the mind of the beholder.  A well-proportioned and beautiful perfume can make those who smell it […]