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How to Start Giving: Go Local

Community activist Hayley Teague shares how she was inspired to help her community, and the dramatic life changes she made to make a difference in her local area. The town where I live Mitcham, South London, has a bad reputation. We’ve had shootings, stabbings as well as high unemployment and low educational attainment.  No one […]

Skills sharing for charity

Negative sentiment about the economy is reverberating through charitable giving, with a chilling effect on fundraising. But, the good news is that volunteerism is on the rise. Many organizations value your time as much as your money. Philanthropist Connie Duckworth shares examples of how to share skills to promote a cause. Six years ago, I […]

Raising Charitable Children

During the holiday season we are all flooded with the association of holidays with gifts and presents. Kids are no exception. They are making their lists and checking them twice! This holiday, think about a new gift to a child you love… teach them about the spirit of giving and charity! Here are some tips […]

This month leaders share their thoughts on giving.