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Why Putin Won’t Win

My grandfather was a Ukrainian freedom fighter in the second World War sparring with the Nazis and communists to create a free Ukrainian state. He was on the losing side, and his country was consumed by Stalin’s Soviet Union. His hope for a free Ukraine lived on, along with those in the Ukrainian diaspora who […]

Speaking with DawnTown founder, Andrew Frey

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Growing up in New York City, one learns to love architecture. The old, the new – the constantly changing landscape. I had the opportunity to learn about DawnTown, an organization which is as in love with the concept of dynamism in architecture as I am. They have started a […]

A New York City Story: Governors Island

Image via Wikipedia In the life of a freelancer, occasionally an article will not get the green light. In this case, I wrote an overview of the ongoing redevelopment of Governors Island and I would like to share it. The island has a unique place in New York City history and it is a great […]