Tatiana Serafin

Tale of Two Indias; outsourcing investing

I have not yet been to India, but am greatly looking forward to perhaps a wedding invitation from one of my friends there that will finally get me on the plane. Til then I marvel at the country’s growth and soak up the culture reading and listening to my friends’ stories.

I invited Rahul Sahgal, CEO of outsourcing firm, Annik Technology Services to comment on his views of the opportunities for India in the outsourcing space. His optimism for a turnaround in 2010 is heartening coming on the heels of the past year’s malaise. I am especially interested in his expectations for M&A activity as I have been hearing from the Street that there is cash/funding available for deals. So investors: watch India and the outsourcing space. Another outsourcing investment idea: Teletech. I am very impressed by the management of the company and the dedication of its founder, Kenneth Tuchman, whom I previously profiled for Forbes. He made an early bet on the Philippines and on technology and I believe is ahead of the competition; the company’s stock has rebounded nicely and is up near $20. I expect it to go higher.

I am also intrigued by another view into India provided by my friend and  former Forbes colleague, Megha Bahree, in her travels. See Megha’s blog at: http://desigeek.com/blog/megha/. Her reports of traditional tribal culture in remote India clashes with tales of booming India. I believe the two Indias  will have to be reconciled before the country can successfully move forward.

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