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A friend and colleague recently moved to Dubai to help launch Forbes Middle East. She hired me at Forbes many years ago, and reached out to me to freelance. I have posted my first piece on ways to get invest in the infrastructure boom in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region in selected clips. It is in Arabic which is the first time a piece I submitted in English has been translated for publication into a different language.

One doesn’t often see pieces coming out of MENA that focus on investing. I believe this is one missing piece in understanding a region which mainly gets discussed in terms of oil or national security.

My piece focuses on the boom in infrastructure spending that regional government stimulus funds have encouraged. “Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are embarking on noteworthy infrastructure schemes, with Qatar set to experience the most significant growth.”

That means that publicly traded engineering, cable and pipe firms are solid investment opportunities. I discuss Egypt’s Orascum, ElSewedy Electric, Saudi Basic Industries and Abu Dhabi’s Drake and Scull International which are engaged in a diverse array of projects.

Definitely worth an investor’s look!

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